Tsui Wah Restaurant

My friend played host & brought us to this cha can teng @Central on a Sat morning as I requested to have cha can teng food for my 1st HK breakfast hehe. This is a 24-hours branch, and she mentioned that it is usually crowded with people late at nite, since it’s open 24 hrs.

I forgot what she mentioned were the specialty dishes here. But what we ordered weren’t really to my liking :p

A typical HK breakfast - 猪扒包, 1 coffee, 1 yuan yang, 奶油猪仔包

A typical HK breakfast – 猪扒包, 1 coffee, 1 yuan yang, 奶油猪仔包

The 猪扒包 was too “crispy” for my liking, or in other words, very hard to bite/cut it apart! Then the pork cutlet was also the deep fried type with little marination, diff fr what I expected, as I thought Crystal Jade HK cafe serves 猪扒包 that’s more tasty than this. Maybe I wasn’t prepared for a deep fried feeling early in the morning. LOL.

The 奶油猪仔包 was fine though, it’s actually crispy bun served with sweet condensed milk. This suited my tastebuds 🙂

As for my yuang yang beverage, I prefer one that has more tea taste rather than this, which had more coffee taste. But my friend thought it was not bad. Well…… diff palates hehe, since she’s a coffee drinker I’m not.

There are many branches for Tsui Wah in HK. They serve all meals and oso food like noodles / rice etc. You can check out their official website at http://www.tsuiwahrestaurant.com/


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