Chinese Style Fast Food

Fast food in HK isn’t restricted to just MacDonald’s & KFC. There is the Chinese style fast food which serves fast, cheap & good chinese cooked food like 烧腊饭、上汤面etc.I was introduced to 2 such fast food chains Fairwood (大快活) & Cafe De Coral (大家乐) by my fren who told us tat their 烧腊 are pretty well done:)

We only had chance/time to go to 1 of them – Cafe De Coral (大家乐) @Mongkok. It was good! I had 双拼饭 while my fren had the 五拼饭 . Mine had 2 types of meat, 蜜汁叉烧 & 玫瑰油鸡 wif some stir-fried green vegetables, while hers oso included 烧肉, 卤蛋 & 鸭肉 on top of wat I had. It was a great value-for-$$ meal, I tink mine was abt HK$33 including a soft drink.



So next time if u r in HK, & yearn for a value-for-$ 烧腊 meal, go for either Cafe De Coral or Fairwood, they are all over HK 🙂


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