Honeymoon Dessert 西贡满记甜品

This is the dessert house I prefer. They started their biz from 西贡,& serve various types of hot & cold desserts, e.g. 雪山杨枝甘露,核桃露配杏仁茶。

We only went there once to the outlet at Langham Place (旺角朗豪坊10层21-23号铺) when our feet needed some rest aft all the shopping.

The entrance to the Langham Place outlet

The entrance to the Langham Place outlet

Till now I still can rem how refreshing & yummy the 芒果黑糯米甜甜 (冻椰汁) that I ordered was (HK$29). Hehe. The mango slices were very sweet & blended well wif the coconut milk & black glutinous rice. When I tried  the similar version at 许留山 2 days later, I couldn’t get back the same taste tat I got here. My fren ordered 杨枝甘露 (HK$29) which was ok but not fantastic since this is quite a common dessert served everywhere.

My fav 芒果黑糯米甜甜!

My fav 芒果黑糯米甜甜!



I will encourage those who love desserts, but have only tried 许留山 in HK so far to try this 西贡满记甜品. It’s worth your time 🙂 Check out their official website for their dessert selection & the outlet info: http://www.honeymoon-dessert.com/zh_cn/


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