Lin Heung Teahouse 莲香茶楼

HK is famous for dimsum (点心), so to say one has been to HK but didn’t try any dimsum isn’t sth “forgivable” rite? Hehe so… OF COS we had to try some, even beta if it’s in a traditional tea house wif those aunties pushing carts of dimsum out! & yup, luckily we found it, thks to another recommendation!

Lin Heung Teahouse 莲香茶楼 is located @160-164 Wellington Street (Central) 中環域多利皇后街11號地下. It’s not easy to locate this teahouse if you take public transport (MTR or bus) as it’s located somewhere in between Sheung Wan & Central MTR station. We spent like half an hour or more trying to figure out our directions based on wat was given on internet! Sigh… & raining somemore… luckily it was worth the search 😀 There is another one called 莲香居which we happened to chance upon while on our search for the main one. This one’s nearer to Sheung Wan MTR & apparently the shoplady told us it’s like a branch they “spin off” due to the success of its 老字号.

Entrance of Lin Heung Teahouse (main br)

Entrance of Lin Heung Teahouse

Anyway, as per online reviews, we heard tat eating in tis teahouse is like “taking part in a competitive sport” as once the push carts are out, customers are all jostling to get to the carts to get their hands on the yummy dimsum. We oso read tat one mus go there really early if not, may fail to even get a seat. If lucky, one will hv to share tables in order to hv a seat. Hence we mentally prepared ourselves for this “competitive sport” early in the morning & decided to pick a weekday to go instead.

Well, actually not all the above “myths” were true LOL. We realised tat customers who rushed to the carts once they were out were usually foreigners/tourists. The locals or seasoned customers continued to sit there sipping their tea/ reading papers/ chatting & told us tat we can jus wait for them to come to our tables. So wat “competitive sport”? Most likely is tourists themselves “spoiling mkt” & writing such stuff in their own blogs or discussion forums & created the misperception haha. But true enuf, we had to share a table wif other pple altho’ when we reached there it was like 10am oredi. The part abt getting there early was oso q true, bcos a lot of the dimsum listed on the menu were oredi not avail by the time we reached there. It was a pity altho the dimsum I had was really very gd oredi hehe. Anyhow, time for some pics to make u “salivate” 😉

The dimsum menu

The dimsum menu

Some dimsum tat we ordered (forgot to take pics b4 we ate cos 2 hungry fr all the searching :P

Some dimsum tat we ordered (forgot to take pics b4 we ate cos 2 hungry fr all the searching) 😛

Steamed carrot cake - my fav amongst the lot!

Steamed carrot cake – my fav amongst the lot!

We ordered a total of 7 dishes (for 2 pax), which we could barely finish. Some dimsum tat we ate included chee cheong fun wif char siew, char siew puff, char siew pau, egg tarts & steamed carrot cake. My fav was the carrot cake as I could actually taste the real carrot slices when I bit into one! The total cost was oni HK$58/pax (approx. S$11) including free flow of chinese tea! Wow! It’s such a full & sumptuous breakfast tat we din really feel hungry even ard 4pm!

Just a note for u guys, the teahouse staff will hv their lunch fr ard 11.15am, when they will take turns to gather at the big table to hv their lunch prepared by the teahouse. Tat means to say u’ll hardly find any new dimsum coming out or uncles/aunties serving u 🙂 Oh & 1 more thing, they sell almond cookies, walnut cookies etc at the first floor when u enter the main entrance too. I bot some home & I like the almond cookies tat had the real almond flavour in it. 🙂

For more reviews on this teahouse, check out


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