The Peak & Madame Tussauds

A tour to HK isn’t complete w/o a visit up at The Peak? I tink so hehe. & beta if u take the Peak tram to have a little 20min “adventure”, it’s worth the while to note tat it’s indeed a steep road up there! 😉

FYI, you can use your Octopus card to pay for your peak tram tix too, v convenient rite! A return tix on the peak tram will cost u HK$33. I sugg the best time to go to The Peak would b probably from the late afternoon when u can still catch the daytime view, then u go to Madame Tussauds (which will only take u at most 1.5 hrs even if u cam-whore all the way ;p), & finally u r in time to catch a gd spot at the viewing area by 7pm to wait for the city nite view! Doesn’t tat sound gd? hehe tat was exactly wat we did 😀

Madame Tussauds admission tix isn’t v cheap so please make full use of yr $$ by taking pics wif all keke (unless u really hate any particular one ;p). The std adult tix costs HK$160. They have 2 levels but it’s the 1st level tat houses more famous stars 🙂 Some really look very ‘live’ tat frens who saw my pics thot I was wif the real star haha e.g. Andy Lau, MM Lee.

Anyway, here r some pics of The Peak during the day, evening & nite for your viewing pleasure =)

Daytime view from The Peak

Daytime view from The Peak

Sky's getting dark......

Sky's getting dark......

The nite view!

The nite view!


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