Yung Kee Restaurant

There is this famous restaurant tat serves great roasted goose (supposedly). According to its official website, 镛记酒家 received the #8 award in the Best Asian Top 20 Restaurant in The Miele Guide 08/09. As my fren was dying to try some since we were in HK, we took the trouble to visit Yung Kee restaurant b4 we went to the Peak (as it was on the way, located at Central – 香港中环威灵顿街32-40号).

Upon reaching the restaurant, we were quite shocked as it looked too “atas” (classy) for the kind of the price we were looking for. Nonetheless we still decided to go in & have our tunch (since it was oni 3pm+).

Entrance to Yung Kee

Entrance to Yung Kee

The guests who patronised this restaurant all looked like the “upper class” & well-dressed folks as well. True enuf, when we looked at the menu for the roasted goose cuisine, it wasn’t cheap. But since we were already there, we each ordered a plate of roasted goose rice & 1 century egg (皮蛋), in addition to the pot of chinese tea (think it’s a mandatory item to order in all traditional Chinese restaurants).

烧鹅饭 (Roasted goose rice)

烧鹅饭 (Roasted goose rice)

I had a bite of the goose meat when it arrived. Much to my disappointment, it tasted EXACTLY like duck meat (which is sth I def will never order on my own accord, if given a choice!) & very naturally I exclaimed:”They sure they served us the rite dish or not? How come it’s like duck meat so tough?!” B4 I ate this, I was told by frens tat the goose meat here is very tender…… -.-” The century egg was actually oni half an egg, i.e. 2 servings oni make 1 full egg, & guess wat? Each of our share of the egg costed us HK$7.50 each (b4 the service charge)! Gosh! The roast goose meat rice came wif sooo much rice & little gravy, & the rice was pretty hard too 😦 So I had to kinda force myself eat this plate of “delicacy”, esp when my stomach still wasn’t hungry, due to the sumptuous heavy dim sum breakfast at Lin Heung. It was like 天与地when you compare Lin Heung wif Yung Kee……

My meal came to a total of HK$76.50 after the svc charge! GOSH! Really a waste of my $$! My fren oso tot so. We definitely wouldn’t recommend any frens to this restaurant next time should they visit HK. It’s ex & yet not satisfying at all. Wonder how they got the #8 award 😦

You can go & read more abt the restaurant yourself at their official website at, if u dun wanna heed my advice haha.


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