Shopping in Hong Kong

HK is a shop/eat/shop/eat paradise (literal translation fr Chinese hee), so obviously aft raving so much abt the food we tried, of cos I must tok abt shopping! It’s really a paradise, esp the Mongkok area! Here are some places I highly recommend. ^^

1. Langham Place

Langham Place is a shopping mall near Mongkok MTR station. This is quite a nicely furbished building tat is linked to the luxurious Langham Place Hotel, wif a good mixture of cosy little shops/ eateries & “hi-class” boutiques/ eateries. Wat attracted me to this mall is tat besides its spacious & clean interior, it has a great well equipped H & M store on the ground floor! 😉 We spent like 2 hrs in the 1-level outlet as there was really such a variety of ladies’ fashion avail here hehe. In addition, for the 1st time in my travelling history, I actually got lucky in those shopping mall gimmicks where u need to spend $xx to get spin & win chances. It was indeed unforgettable altho’ the prizes weren’t of much use to me (but my fren used 1 of the biotherm discount vouchers tho’). It’s jus the excitement of winning stuff overseas keke. For a full listing of its shopping directory, check it out at

2. Argyle Centre (旺角中心)

As the name implies, it’s near Mongkok MTR as well. This is somewhat like our Bugis Village, but on a much larger scale as it has many many floors of little shops! To be frank, we got dizzy jus aft walking thru abt 2 floors as it’s really alot of shops/ kiosks, & there were SOO many pple (esp young adults) jostling tog wif u, even on a Mon afternoon! I wonder how it’d b like on a wkend haha. Things there are really much cheaper than elsewhere in HK (I guess, other than the wholesale centre at Lai Chi Kok probably) & yet they r trendy/ fashionable enuf 🙂 My fren “went crazy” there wif expanding her collection of all sorts of cardigans & camisoles as they were soooo cheap! I oso bot a few, for e.g. a plain spaghetti top costed oni HK$19 (abt S$3.50)! The quality is not bad too 😀 If you love accessories, this is the place to get great value for $$ accessories too. But since I oredi ve prob wif storage of my accessories at home, I controlled myself by not even looking at any 😛

Oh I mus mention tat there r 2 parts of the bldg (we oni realise later). 1 part is the super crowded section where the younger adults flock to for more casual stuff. The other side is not as crowded, & seemed like they sell more office wear stuff for women tat may b more suitable for pple like me. But too bad, we oredi bot q a lot at the other side & were so tired tat we din really “sweep” the other side fully 😛 Anyhow, if u r not some1 who strictly go for branded gds oni, this is THE place to shop in HK for reasonably-priced & trendy buys 🙂

3. Laforet (东角)

This is located on Hong Kong Island Causeway MTR vicinity near exit E. We chanced upon this mall aft shopping in Island Beverly. It has the same concept as Island Beverly where there are many little shops on its 2 levels (the basement is occupied by 1 jeweller called Chow Tai Fook so tat level is considered “out”) & is similar to our Far East Plaza. Many of the little boutiques sell Korea/ Japan trendy clothes, bags, shoes, accessories etc. In fact while shopping here, I actually found myself yearning to go back to Korea for shopping again as it reminded me of Dongdaemun malls hehe.

Check out the mall info at its website:

Of course there are other places tat r worth shopping at but they r more random. In essence, as HK is a tax-free city, many of the brands tat we can find in SIN r sold cheaper in HK, for e.g. Uniqlo, Shu Uemura, Agnes B etc etc. If u wanna go for the branded gds, Hong Kong Island will b a great place. I had wanted to go to the Miu Miu / Prada outlet store but it’s not v convenient wif our tight schedule as it’s located in Aberdeen. IFC Mall (the place where u can check in & take the airport express at Hong Kong station) has a lot of branded goods shopping too. If u r a “commoner” like me, I guess Mongkok/ Tsimshatsui will suit u beta keke.

I really enjoy the shopping & hope to plan another visit next Summer! 😉


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