In the Wild @KL

I bet when every1 tinks of KL, it’s mostly FOOD & SHOPPING tat will pop into the mind rite? However, thru the recent teambuilding event I had in KL, I realised tat there’s a huge “jungle” out there too haha.

We were brought to a forest reserve at lest half an hour away fr the city centre:

Address of this forest reserve

It was an unforgettable event tat took us fr 9+am to 12+pm. Along the trek we had to spot many nature/wildlife stuff as part of the team race to take pics of as many on the list as possible, and oso climbed up & down steep slopes & crossed obstacles like big rocks, tree roots/trunks, water pipes etc. Take a look at some of the stuff we took snapshots of:

Heart-shaped leaf

Millipede (so long yet it's oni a baby millipede!)

Giant ant

Strangely, 2 red apples on the rock (event organisers put there for us to take pic?)

A true adventure for some1 like myself who oni exercises indoors (badminton or gym) haha. I guess one should b well equipped & prepared b4 going for such trekking. Glad it was over & I’m back safely! Hehe


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