Shopping near Lai Chi Kok MTR

Yes, I finally went to the much-heard-about wholesale centre in Hong Kong last Saturday with my fren! It’s located near to Lai Chi Kok MTR station (荔枝角). Just exit from the station exit C, then walk straight till turn right into Tung Chau West Street. Turn right at Castle Peak Road, go straight till you see the Hong Kong Industrial Centre sign. It’s actually a very short walk from the MTR exit, quite easy to find & ask around even if you are lost as this is a famous wholesale centre.

Exit C at Lai Chi Kok MTR station

Lai Chi Kok MTR map

The centre is huge! We started at about 11am and left the place about 4pm, but only managed to shop on most parts of the ground floor & the 2nd level & were dead beat! According to my friend, the shops only do retail business on Saturdays. She went there once on a weekday & not many shops were willing to sell just 1 or 2 pieces to customers. We were also q lucky that it was not a typical Saturday that day. Though it was already very crowded to me, she said she had seen the worse scenarios. Haha

The quality of the clothes/accessories in this centre seem to be of better quality than those found in Ladies Street. The downside is that you aren’t allowed to try them on, but should be safe as long as you can fit into typical HK sizes 😛 It’s really a good place to shop for fashion bargain hunters!

When your feet need a rest from the jostling through the crowds & long hours of walking, try the cha can teng (茶餐厅) at the basement of the building. I think it’s value for $, as long as u don’t mind the “old & a bit run-down” decor of the shop. My friend & I each ordered a 炸酱面 set that included a drink of your choice (I took Ovaltine! It’s been ages since I drank it!), & I think the set wasn’t more than HK$20! She also ordered a plate of chicken wings (3 pcs) & I ordered fries to share.

My yummy 炸酱面set!

Pardon me for not remembering the name of the cha can teng but my brain wasn’t functioning that well by the time we managed to rest our tired feet & hungry stomachs in the afternoon lol. I guess this place should be easy to spot once you get to the basement of the building 🙂


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