Lin Heung Tea House 莲香茶楼 again :)

Yes, I love this teahouse & so this time, I brought my family there for a traditional HK yum cha session on a Mon morning 🙂 This time, we reached there abt 9am, much earlier than my 1st time, & it was just as crowded. Luckily we could still find seats for 6 of us. Coincidentally, I tink I sat at the exact same table as my 1st time! Haha.

There were many “tourist-looking” patrons who rushed to the push cart aunties as soon as they came out of the kitchen wif new varieties of dim sum haha.But I din manage to take pic when the push carts were “most crowded”. 😛

2 customers heading straight to the pushcarts instead of waiting to be served 😉

Check out some of the delicacies we had in the photos below.

Nice custard bun!

Fragrant 糯米鸡! (steamed glutinuous rice with chicken wrapped in lotus leaf)

大包 – the skin a bit sticky on our teeth……

Siew mai & the 2 giant buns (half eaten by the time we shot tis pic haha)

煎得香脆的马蹄糕 (stir-fried water chestnut cake)

It was a great pity tat they didn’t sell their steamed carrot cake (my fav!) & chicken/ char siew chee cheong fun. Oni beef chee cheong fun was avail but my family don’t take beef. But besides the above we also ordered some other dim sum, totalling to HKD168 (approx. SGD30) for 6 pax oni! Wat an affordable & yummy dim sum breakfast! 🙂

Anyway, this trip to Lin Heung not only allowed me to satisfy my dim sum craving & try other varieties they offer, but I also managed to find the way to get to the tea house via the public transport method. Yipee!

It’s pretty simple. Take the MTR to Sheung Wan 上环 station & exit at E1.You will see the street sign pointing Rumsey St which is the side lane, & see the Wing On Building (yellow embossed name) on the opp side of the road.

Exit E1 of Sheung Wan MTR station

What u will see once u exit from E1 of Sheung Wan station

Thereafter walk straight down the road on the right side of your exit. You will come to this long flight of stairs on your right. When u have reached the top, u will b able to see Lin Heung on the opp side of the small lane.

Be prepared to walk up this long flight of stairs 😉

162-164 Wellington St

Hope this info is useful! ^^


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