My fren brought me to this upmarket restaurant cum bar at Hong Kong Island recently for drinks. It’s said to be the owned by Hong Kong socialite Bonnie Gokson. There are 2 sections to the Sevva, the terrace/ balcony offers stunning views of the skyscrapers of Central and Admiralty, the harbour, and the Kowloon skyline – perfect for sunset drinks and impressing visiting friends (like me haha) or clients. The furnishings are stylish & elegant.

My fren told me she once saw Faye Wong when she was having drinks wif frens! It’s a place where the celebrities like to frequent, & for any1 who likes to be seen or see hehe. So it’s better to “dress to kill” if u go to Sevva 😉

Too bad when we were there the weather wasn’t very good, & the view was pretty misty. Shortly after we sat down and just managed a few sips of our drinks, it started to pour heavily. So I could only managed to take 1 pic of the stunning harbour view……

A lovely view from Sevva's balcony (pardon my lousy cam shot :p)

For those interested to check out this cool hangout place, you may like to browse its official website directly at  Check out the stunning skyscraper / harbour view at the “Terrace” page. It is located at Prince Building, 25th floor, Central, Hong Kong. 🙂


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