Ocean Park Hong Kong

It’s been 10 yrs since I 1st stepped into Ocean Park Hong Kong. I must admit tat it has changed alot since its major overhaul that was done when Hong Kong Disneyland was slated to open. Now there are a lot more attractions & rides for visitors to enjoy.

Ocean Park Main Entrance

I think the admission tickets are reasonably priced too:

Admission ticket pricing

The park is on a hill (I think) so to get from 1 part to the other, you have a few options to take. The most traditional is of course, by foot haha. But there will be many slopes along the way to “train” your calf muscles. 😛 There is also the scenic cable car ride (which most people will take), the Ocean Express (it’s like an underground tube), or the Tai Shue Wan escalator. I tried all & I think all are worth exploring 🙂

There are some snapshots of what Ocean Park offers =)

Bird's eye view of Ocean Park from the cable car

Cable car station next to The Bayview Restaurant

The affable Jia Jia munching - she's my age! Hehe

The cool Ocean Express train - feels like being underwater when in it!

See the Eagle ride next to the Ferris Wheel? U dare? 😉

Do plan to go there early in the morning so that you will have time to explore the big park (It opens from 9 am on wkends and 10am on wkdays)! The park is accessible by a shuttle bus service that runs from Admiralty MTR station (20-min interval). Check out http://www.oceanpark.com.hk/html/en/home/ for more information 🙂


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