Macau mementos

We didn’t really shop in Macau other than strolling along the street ard Senado Square & see the local “pasar malam” (market). So the oni things we bot were the famous Almond Cookies that our personal guide recommended, from 钜记 Koi Kee Bakery:

Handmade almond cookies wif whole almond

Almond cookies wif whole almond (made by machine)

The first pic shows a presentable package wif handmade almond cookies, while the second pic shows a box of machine-made almond cookies. The handmade cookies cost double of the machine-made pack, which I guess is expected 😉 But both taste very gd, of cos the handmade one even more fragrant!

There is a Koi Kee Bakery just along the small lane next to Ah-Ma temple (妈祖阁). This is less crowded than the shop at 氹仔的官也街 where many restaurants & eateries are.

My parents oso bot these from Koi Kee Bakery, which I find are very sweet & sticky tho:


Fear not, they aren’t real 猪油, instead they are made to resemble the “fats” & are suitable for vegetarians. I oso was taken aback when I saw my mum paying for it hehe.

Too bad we missed out the famous Portugese egg tarts during our trip! Sigh…… hope to try them the next time!


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