Myeongdong KyoJa (Chopped Noodles) 명동교자

This is one of the must-go-to restaurants on my Seoul food list when I was doing the planning for my trip. So after checking-in at Han Suites & taking a short break, we decided to head to this restaurant in Myeongdong for lunch (

There are actually 2 outlets in Myeongdong itself, called the No. 1 Shop (1호점) and the Main Shop (본점). Here’s the location map of the 2 shops:

I forgot which shop we went to this time, but anyway, I was pretty disappointed. The taste / food standard seemed to have dropped as compared to previous times I had been there in 2005 & 2008. We ordered the famous dumplings (만두) to share and 2 bowls of chopped noodles (칼국수) (total KRW 24,000, approx. S$28). These 2 items are what they are famous for. 🙂


Chopped Noodles Soup, Dumplings & Kimchi


I admit both of us were too greedy by ordering too much as we thought we could eat a lot since we were really famished hehe. The portions were huge! However the dumplings were pretty dry, nothing compared to the Chinese dumplings 小笼包 that are so juicy, just a lot of meat in the Korean version. The noodle soup was also salty & not as light as I remembered it to be. I like the kimchi though, it was spicy with a “kick” hehe. We could not finish the noodles & dumplings in the end even though we tried our very best……

This restaurant seems to be so famous amongst tourists nowadays that we were actually surrounded by Japanese tourists everywhere in the shop! There was also a long queue outside the restaurant when we left. Luckily we went there slightly earlier to beat the lunch crowd, if not it would have been a more disappointing experience.

Guess for my next trip to Seoul, I can give this restaurant a miss…



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