Shinchon 신촌/ E-dae 이대앞

I used to study at Sogang University Korean Language Centre for a term & so often hanged out at Shinchon/Ewha Women’s University area with my classmates. Having graduated from the centre for more than 5 years, I decided to meet my classmate (who has started a family in Seoul) here to reminisce the good old days. ^^

We arranged to meet at Shinchon first for lunch. When we stepped out of the subway station exit 6 (direction of Sogang University), the street lined with eateries & shops leading to my school was so familiar, yet not that familiar! Many shops/ eateries have made way for newer & more modern ones & we couldn’t decide what to eat, thus we decided to head to the other side of Shinchon where many restaurants & cafes were located. As we strolled along the streets of Shinchon looking for our lunch venue, it was like a trip down memory lane ^-^

Finally we decided to settle down at this little restaurant on the second level of a building near the Shinchon cross-road junction (고쌈냉면). The menu is simple & it sells mainly cold noodle dishes (냉면). I’m not a fan of cold noodles, & luckily I found 갈비 비빔밥 (vegetable mixed rice with pork ribs) on the menu.

Bibimbap 비빔밥!

Hee forgot to take pic of the pork ribs as we were hungry by the time our food came & forgot about the separate plate of pork ribs! The meat were thinly sliced & well marinated with nice BBQ taste! The price was reasonable too – KRW 4,900 per pax (about S$5.70).

After our lunch, we had wanted to go to the Red Mango (we saw the sign across the junction) as it was one of our favourite haunts after classes then. Sadly, it has closed down. 😦

One thing I like about walking in Shinchon is that all vehicles, in all directions stop for pedestrians to cross the road junction hee. I wish Singapore has such road junctions especially in Orchard area keke……

We decided to walk down to Ewha Women’s University area for some retail therapy, also 1 of our favourite shopping spots. Wow E-dae area now has some shopping malls too, not only limited to the numerous shophouses anymore. There is also the Shinchon train station in this area now, at the popular meeting point near the front gate of Ewha Women’s University.

Amidst the shopping, I found this Charlie Brown Cafe ( just in front of the university’s front gate:

View from Ewha Women's University Front Gate

The Charlie Brown Cafe is located on the second level of the leftmost building in the pic, just above The Body Shop. We went in there to have some tea & cake. I love the interiors, really felt as if you entered the world of Charlie Brown & his friends hehe. There were cartoons of Charlie Brown being screened on widescreen TV & Charlie Brown “standing” at the entrance “welcoming” customers. 😉 Even the beverages & cakes/ pastries they served were tastefully presented:


Real Cheesecake, Cafe Latte, Green Tea Latte

I thought the Snoopy on the cheesecake & my Green Tea Latte looked really cute hehe. The Green Tea Latte (KRW 5,000 about S$5.80) was very fragrant, but not too sweet when you drink it. As for the Real Cheesecake (조각레어치즈 KRW 4,500 about S$5.20) had a very soft & fluffy texture, we both loved it. ^^ It was an enjoyable tea time in a nice cosy cafe 🙂

I think it’s quite a fun experience to shop & cafe-hop in this area as it’s lined with numerous little unique shops selling various types of fashion & I’m sure one will find suitable bargains somehow. There are also many makeshift stalls selling handmade accessories, as well as hair salons & beauty shops to enhance one’s image. Many times we kind of lost our way in the little lanes & forgot if we had went into the other lane before or not. hehe

If you would like to discover for yourself the fashion sense of Korean female students/ undergraduates, do make a trip down to this area (Line 2 Ewha Women’s University subway station 이대역). You will likely not regret your choice! 🙂



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