Nolboo Army Stew 놀부 부대찌개

My must-eat list in Seoul includes this popular restaurant chain called Nolboo Group, or NBG for short. It has various types of restaurants – the Army Stew (부대찌개),  Ribs (항아리갈비), Ox Bone Soup (설농탕) etc. I decided to try out the Army Stew shop as it’s one of my favourite Korean food. 🙂

We went to the outlet in Myeongdong, located next to The Body Shop. This outlet is the Myeongdong no. 1 shop (명동1호점), apparently there is a no. 2 shop in Myeongdong too but we didn’t see it while we were there.

How to get there

From Myeongdong subway line no. 4 (명동 지하철 4호선), exit by either no. 5 or 6 exit (5나6번출구) & you will see Migliore shopping mall (밀리오레). Walk straight this street, keeping to the right side of the pavement. After passing 2 junctions (I think), you should be able to see the big signboard “놀부 부대찌개” with the “grandma’s head logo” on the right side, next to The Body Shop & also near Red Mango. It should take no more than 10 minutes.

Here’s a glimpse of the sumptuous Army Stew:


Steaming Hot Army Stew with the refillable side dishes (반찬)

Army Stew is typically a big spicy pot of ramen (라면), sausage (소시지), rice cake (떡), kimchi (김치) mixed together. The side dishes given to us were delicious too – fish cake (오뎅), kimchi (김치), coleslaw (콜슬로) and radish (무). It also comes with a bowl of rice each for all of us.  The dinner was really shiok! It costs KRW 23,000 for a medium pot (3 of us shared) like the above picture (approx. S$27). We were really full  & satisfied after finishing the whole pot. A big pot costs KRW 32,000. It costs a lot more if you eat at the Nolboo in Singapore (Orchard Central) hehe.

For more details of the restaurant, check out its website at


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