The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince 커피프린스 1호점

Have you watched the popular Korean drama broadcasted in Summer 2007 – The First Shop of Coffee Prince 커피프린스 1호점? In this drama starred by Yoon Eun Hye (윤은혜)  & Gong Yoo (공유), the story revolved around a cafe run by Gong Yoo with cafe staff Yoon Eun Hye & others. The cafe used by this drama has gained much popularity since then & it has now become a tourist spot in Hongdae vicinity, Seoul. 🙂

Since I was in the area for the Free Market (which I featured in a previous post), I decided to drop by this cafe out of curiosity. You would have known that this cafe looks pretty cosy & unique if you have watched the drama. It’s pretty easy to get to this cafe, as there is actually a Tourist Information booth near Hongik University subway station (line 2) exit 9. The friendly officer at the booth answered my query on how to get to the cafe very promptly, & she spoke very good Chinese hehe. Here’s the map that she provided with additional illustration :P:


Easy-to-read map, courtesy of Hongdae Tourist Info booth

If you are going to the cafe straight from the subway station, use exit #8 where you will see a shop called “Beautiful Store (아름다운가게)”.

Walk straight ahead and enter a street called “Like to Walk Street (걷고 싶은 거리)”, then turn right and proceed ahead & you will see a Family Mart on the side of the street.

Continue walking along the street till you reach a T-junction where you see another Family Mart.

Then turn right & walk along the road (Da-bok Gil 다복길) opposite from this Family Mart.

Walk along this slightly uphill stretch which has many little boutiques, cafes, restaurants etc. Only towards the end of this road then you will see the 1st Shop of Coffee Prince tug in a corner. I can’t remember how long it took for me to reach the cafe as I stopped a few times for interesting shops along the road hehe. Guess probably not more than a 10-min leisurely walk?


Front view of the 1st Shop of Coffee Prince

Signboard indicating it was used for the 2007 MBC drama

Waffles Menu outside cafe (tink it's used in drama only)

Actress Yoon Eun-Hye's drawings on the windows

Han Yoo Joo's sunflower mural in the cafe (in drama)

I did not sit down for a cup of coffee as the prices were pretty steep & I read from other blogs that the food & beverage here was so-so. A Cafe Latte costs KRW 7,000 (approx. S$8.10) & I think it’s the cheapest beverage in the cafe! Since I didn’t order anything, I felt embarrassed to take more photos inside the cafe, with the waitresses at the counter “staring” at me haha. What’s more in a hurry to avoid “stares” I didn’t explore the cafe further, only realised that there was a merchandise section of the drama by-products after I left. 😦

I also read a Korean blog where the writer felt that the entrance to this cafe gives one a gloomy/ spooky feel & it sort of spoil the excitement in tracking this cafe down. I think I quite agree with this statement as the entrance was pretty dark & quiet. Hehe

Anyway, if you are interested & can read some Korean, you may want to check out its official website at



5 thoughts on “The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince 커피프린스 1호점

  1. 나야…ㅋㅋ나도 블로그를 만들어서 지지해줘~!
    내가 그 때 이 카페를 못 찾았는데…오히려 부암동에 있는 그 “아저씨 집”인 카페는 잘 다녔어^^ 자잉


    • ㅎㅎ 알았어! 네 블로그를 지지할게 ^^
      “아저씨 집”이요? 나중에 네 블로그에서 소개해주세요 🙂


  2. 난 그 드라마를 안 봐서 아저씨 이름을 모르거든…주인공말구 산에서 집이 있는 그 남자~
    내 블로그는 아직 많이 부족해서 지금 구경 안 해도 돼^^;; 나중에..나중에~~


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