Lotte Mart (롯데마트), Seoul Station

Lotte Mart is one of the popular supermarkets in Korea, with 63 locations nationwide. The one at Seoul Station (서울역) which I went to  is conveniently located right above the subway station (line no. 1 or 4, exit 1), the KTX (Korea’s high-speed railway), and many trains & buses.

Main entrance of Lotte Mart

The Seoul Station branch covers 3 floors (level 2 to 4), but we only visited level 2 as our main purpose was to buy Korean foodstuff/ groceries before we return to Singapore. 😉 It is a megamart well-stocked with a wide variety of Korean food such as kimchi, ramen, Korean tea, sweets, fruits etc. You can learn more about the wide variety of Korean food that you can’t find in Singapore, other than just kimchi or ramen. 🙂 There are also some Korean cosmetic counters on this level near the cashiers, like Innisfree, The Face Shop etc.

There is 1 thing I enjoy about visiting Korea’s supermarkets, that is you get to sample many types of food products available!  You don’t really get free food sampling in Singapore supermarkets except for the occasional rare chance. For our visit this time, I got to try out new brands of yogurt, milk, tofu, odeng etc hehe. We went there on a Monday afternoon but it was still pretty crowded, guess it’s due to its centralised location plus many tourists (like myself) go there to stock up on the Korean groceries/ foodstuff before we return to our home countries. 🙂 I even spotted several Japanese & Chinese tourists (or maybe they were foreign students in Seoul) buying boxes of ramen!

For more information on Korea’s supermarkets, check it out at


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