Shopping in Dongdaemun

Dongdaemun 동대문 has always been one of my personal favourite spots, in particular for being able to shop all-night long there with so many shopping malls that cater to a wide variety of tastes.  In fact it is a well known tourist spot that not only is a fashion town, but also a place where you can find many of the pushcarts/makeshift stalls  (포장마차) selling Korean street food.  Of course the numerous Korean cosmetic/ skincare brands are there to make it even more convenient to “sweep” their goods. 😉

It is accessible by subway line no. 2, 4 or 5, Dongdaemun History & Culture Park station (동대문 역사문화공원역) exit no. 14. This is a new subway station which has recently replaced the Dongdaemun Stadium station (동대문 운동장역). The stadium landmark is now gone & an “Esplanade-shaped” landmark is being built since 2010.

My no. 1 must-go-to mall is Doota (두타) as I remember from the past experiences that its fashion clothing though a bit pricier than the other malls, are usually more unique & have better quality. However this time I discovered that it has become even pricier than before & boasts a designer gallery on level 1, and luxury goods on level 3.  Many of its local designer shops on level 1 sell their products at prices from S$50 onwards for a simple piece of t-shirt. Furthermore, there is now a cafe on every floor of Doota, possibly to let you have a place to sit down & ponder if you should splurge on that temptation? Haha…… Although I was tempted many times to buy, I couldn’t bring myself to spend my $ on unknown designer wear, but I still bought some stuff there though (long sleeve workshirt, casual tee, handbag & some accessories)  😛

There are 8 floors of shopping in Doota. U can check out its official website at I’ve also extracted a location map for your easy reference:

In addition to Doota, there are also other good shopping malls within the Dongdaemun Fashion Town. For example, I like to go to Designer Club which is across the road from Doota. It houses 6 floors of fashion clothing & accessories. You will see that the crowd grows as it gets late into the night. You will also get to see mini buses ferrying loads of fashion wholesalers to the wholesale malls like Designer Club, U:US, Nuzzon etc past midnight. Personally, I find it quite interesting & usually make it  a point to go there around midnight so that I can join in “the fun” hehe.

For a detailed map of where all the wholesale malls are, you can go to (Korean).

One thing to take note if you plan to visit Dongdaemun to shop to your heart’s content, is most of the malls are closed from Sunday 2300 hours till Monday evening (usually 1900 hours). So do check & plan your trip well to avoid disappointment! ^^


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