KFC – Korean BBQ Chicken!

Don’t be mistaken, I’m not going to talk about “the successful old man from Kentucky”, but I’m going to write about Korean Fried Chicken (KFC for short). 🙂 KFC is a very popular type of “student food”, but having been a student in Seoul before, I didn’t have the chance to try it back then. So this time it’s on my wish-list as well. ^^

We decided to ask our serviced apartment front desk staff for recommendation on which KFC brand is the best. Without any hesitation, he named “BBQ Chicken”. For those who have tried KFC in Singapore, I guess you would know this brand. Seriously when he mentioned this brand, I had doubts about it as my experience at the BBQ Chicken in Singapore (the first branch at Cineleisure then) wasn’t that good (expensive & average taste). However since he is a true blue Korean & he strongly recommended, we decided to take his word for it & seek his help to order for fried chicken to be delivered right to our serviced apartment. 🙂

Korean Fried Chicken from BBQ Chicken (KRW 15,500 abt S$18)!

Yummy Chicken! 🙂 맜있어요!

We ordered a box of 2 types of chicken, 1 side is the seasoned chicken and the other side is the original olive oil flavoured chicken. Both were really good! The seasoned chicken is quite spicy though, but I like hee. Singapore’s BBQ Chicken standard is nowhere near the Korean version! lol…… Our order also came with a can of coke and a pack of white radish as the side dish. It’s quite interesting that even for fast food, Koreans serve it in their “traditional” way with Korean side dishes. ^^ By the time the 2 of us finish the box of chicken, we were really full, so it’s good that we had some white radish to serve as our “vegetable” haha.

Yummy 정말 밌있다! Although not very cheap, but I think it’s worth the $ hehe… Next time if I go to Korea, I will want to eat KFC again! 😉

For more information on BBQ Chicken, here is their website: http://m.bbq.co.kr/(Korean only).


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