Red Mango (레드망고)!

In case you have never heard of this non-fat frozen yogurt brand from Korea, it’s not too late to know now. 🙂 According to its official website, Red Mango was founded in 2002 in South Korea and has since expanded to many parts of the world including USA, South Africa and many parts of the Asia Pacific. It is my favourite Korean dessert cafe chain since I first found it in 2005. ^^

I remember I used to visit the Red Mango at Shinchon with my classmates after class to share the non-fat yogurt shaved ice (요거트 빙수), to chill out from the scorching summer sun. It has been almost 3 years since I last ate this yummy dessert & I really miss it. 😛 Finally I was able to have a chance to eat this dessert during my recent winter trip, after shopping at the Lotte Department Store on 11th floor (롯데쇼핑 11F) near Euljiro subway line no. 2 (을지로역, 2호선).

The Red Mango outlet located in this department store is quite small & hidden behind many big restaurants on the 11th floor, so you need to really walk round the entire floor before you can see it.

Non-fat yogurt shaved ice w/ 4 free toppings

We ordered the small bowl as seen in picture above which costed KRW 5,500 (about S$6.40). Non-fat yogurt is added on top of the shaved ice at the bottom of the bowl & you can choose any 4 toppings to add to the yogurt. We chose kiwi, mango, green tea powder & corn flakes as the free toppings. It was still as good as before, except that the serving seemed to have shrunk somewhat.. Although it was really chilly then at night, it didn’t stop me from eating this haha.

There is also an outlet in Myeongdong which is a much bigger cafe than this one we visited (very near to Nolboo Army Stew resaurant). However, we were shocked at the prices on the menu which was more than KRW 10,000 per bowl. Guess this Myeongdong cafe is of a “higher class” concept? Too bad we didn’t have a chance to use the discount coupon given to us when we passed by this outlet on the next day after we visited the outlet in Lotte department store. If not I may have more cool pictures to post here even on the cafe decor. 😉

Oh, Red Mango has actually come to Singapore but I think the original one in South Korea is still the best, can’t seem to find that kind of great taste in the Singapore version hehe… The original version is still unbeatable! 🙂


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