Tea Culture @O’Sulloc Tea House 오설록

The O’sulloc brand originates from Jeju Island, South Korea, which is a premium tea brand and sought to revive Korean tea culture. It has a tea museum in Jeju Island and 4 tea houses in Seoul. I have been to their Myeongdong tea house twice, once in Nov 2008 and the most recent one in Mar 2011, and I will visit them again if I go to Seoul next time. 🙂

The tea house always gives me a very calm and peaceful feel and I always feel at home once I enter. The tea house theme is natural, with wooden furniture & plants being placed in the tea house. The first time I went, in 2008 we were only successful in getting a table for 2 after 2 attempts, and it was on a weekday morning when it just opened its doors for business (open from 0900 to 2230 hours Monday to Friday, and 0900 to 2300 hours Saturday & Sunday). That time we ordered 2 types of tea and a cake to try out, and we both really enjoyed ourselves. 🙂

Premium Tea, Ouksujin (억수진) w/ Green Tea Tiramisu Cake

Tropical Dream Green Tea (트로피걸드림 그린티)

The Ouksujin tea was made from the tea leaves from Mount Hanla (한라산) in Jeju Island, while the Tropical Dream Green Tea was green tea blended with mango, pineapple, papaya and marigold flavours. Really fragrant teas! If your eyes are sharp enough, you would also have spotted this small plate of snack with “green tea leaves” in each picture above. It’s a type of chestnut flavoured snack that is slightly sweet. Yummy! The Green Tea Tiramisu cake was delicious as well, full of the green tea scent and very fluffy. ^^

As for my recent visit to Seoul, we went there after dinner on our last night and thus I dared not really order any tea for fear of not being able to sleep well before we fly back to Singapore. Surprisingly it was not crowded at all, either because it was a weekday night or because we were lucky haha. Hence this time we ordered a Green Tea Ice Cream to share.

Green Tea Ice Cream (KRW 7,500, about S$8.70)

I think O’sulloc products are really made of “the real stuff” and they are not stingy about it. The green tea taste was very strong. At least I know my $ is well spent hehe. But I had to “suffer” cos even the little bit of caffeine from the green tea ice cream caused me to remain alert through the night! -.-“

The fourth and newest tea house to this brand is located at Insadong, opposite Ssamziegil, and it looks more posh than the one at Myeongdong. Maybe next time can try out the one at Insadong for a change hee. ^^

If you can’t get enough of the tea products in the tea house, you can also buy home all the tea blends/ leaves you want at their tea shops which can be found in major department stores like Lotte and Shinsegae or even in the tea houses. For more information on O’sulloc, check them out at the official website: https://www.osulloc.com/.


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