Dragor, Denmark

According to Wikipedia, Dragor, on the southeastern coast of the island of Amager, is located only 12km from central Copenhagen (Denmark’s capital), but the town is not a part of Metropolitan Copenhagen. It was about an hour’s drive from central Copenhagen to this little fishing village/ market.

Dragor was a prosperous seafaring town in the latter part of the 19th century, and its harbourfront is still in use to date. Upon reaching the harbourfront, we were greeted by this:

The banner says: Stop Hunger!

Apparently there was an arts event at the time of our visit for an UN 2015 goal, the world’s global plan to reduce poverty to half by 2015. The project is sponsored by the Danish ministry. We visited was the old part of the town, which is a picturesque maze of small alleys with yellow-painted houses, red roofs and cobblestone streets built in traditional Danish style.

These buildings house cafes & restaurants, & almost the whole tour group bought homemade ice cream from a cosy little cafe, which serves quite a few unique flavours that we couldn’t decipher (as they were only written in Danish) hehe.

If you are planning to drop by this cosy little town by the harbour, it’s advisable to bring along a jacket as the winds may get quite strong. 🙂


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