Scandic Hvidovre, Denmark

We stayed at this hotel for our first night, located at quite an inconvenient & inaccessible location.  Apparently, I found out that the Scandic group of hotels is well-known in the Scandinavian countries. However, this one really failed to impress us, in fact I had to agree with many negative reviews that I read online upon our return.

View of the hotel

The hotel design looks plain & dated, correct? It was a bit disappointing when our coach dropped us off at this hotel…

Petrol station & MacDonald’s just next to hotel

Netto – a Danish discount supermarket, next to Mac

There is only a petrol station (Statoil), MacDonald’s (with drive thru’) and Netto (open since 1981, 406 stores in Denmark) located next to the hotel. Other than these, it’s just a highway with nothing to look forward to or roam around for. 😦 We were excited to see Netto as we understood from our local tour guide that it is a popular Danish discount supermarket, but to our disappointment, we went down just a bit later & it was closed at 9pm on weekdays!

Now take a look at how simple and dated our room was:

Twin bed room

Not-so-well-maintained bathroom 😦

View from our room at 8.20pm (just a highway -.-“)

Nothing impressive right? All rooms do not have air-conditioner, which is fine since hot days in Denmark are “numbered”. However, as it was Summer when we were at this hotel, we had to open the window (but still it felt quite stuffy & I woke up next morning perspiring), and thus “invite” noise from the highway just outside the hotel. The fact that we were given a room at level 2 made it even noisier. The furnishings in the room were also old and not well-maintained. The TV was a very small CRT, probably 14 inch only, and hung quite high up. The toilet bowl had yellow lime scale surrounding it. 😦 This hotel needs renovation badly!

Guess the only consolation was the free hotel breakfast that had quite a variety of food selection. But that’s quite standard Danish hospitality fare according to what the locals and guidebooks say. Haha… so this means, don’t book this hotel if you ever visit Denmark! It’s not worth your $ 😉


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