Hamlet’s Kronborg Castle, Elsinore

Have you ever read the famous tragedy story by William Shakespeare – “The Traditional History of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark”, or “Hamlet” as it’s more commonly known? There is a castle in Denmark called Kronborg Castle, situated near the town of Elsinore (or in Danish, Helsingor), which is the setting of “Hamlet”.

Kronborg Castle is a sea fortress located on the extreme northeastern tip of Zealand at the narrowest point of the Sound (or in Danish, Oresund) that separates Helsingor from the southern Swedish city Helsinborg. It has been 1 of the most important Renaissance castles in Northern Europe for centuries and was added to the UNESCO’s Heritage Site List on 30 November 2000. I thought it was quite a beautiful fortress although we didn’t have enough time to tour the whole place. Here are some pictures for your pleasure viewing before you get bored reading all the facts 😉

Approaching Kronborg Castle 🙂

Kronborg Castle and Fortification information

Colourful houses that serve as cafe/restaurants inside Kronborg

Different angles of the castle

The castle’s history dates all the way back to 1420s but only acquired its name in 1585 when it was rebuilt by Frederick II into a magnificent Renaissance castle. In 1629 it was burnt by 2 careless workmen. After it was rebuilt by the Swedish, it was used as a prison, and later became military grounds.

If you want to tour this star fortress thoroughly and enjoy the sights, do give yourself at least 1.5-2 hours to make it a meaningful trip. 🙂


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