Overnight Cruise DFDS Seaways

Next on our itinerary was Norway, hence we had to board an overnight cruise – “DFDS Seaways” from Copenhagen to Oslo, the capital of Norway. It is a big cruise ship, slightly bigger than the Star Cruises that we are more familiar with.

We reached the pier around 3.30pm and got our cabins about 1 hour later. The cabin layout is very similar to Star Cruise:

Our cabin room #9335

The toilet is just as tiny as the one on Star Cruise, but surprisingly, they provided a mop in the toilet, probably so that you can mop the floor dry after your shower? Haha it turned out quite useful for us 😛 We were quite lucky to get a cabin room on deck 9 which was nearer to the main decks for food & shopping, and also we did not feel the engines working “beneath” our beds when we slept.

As we could only have our buffet dinner at 8.30pm, we went touring the cruise ship and took last pictures of Denmark as it departed from the pier:

Tax free shop where we bought all the chocolates

Finally it was time for our buffet dinner, & we were all looking forward to it since it would be our first local meal in Scandinavia hehe. Take a look at the wide variety of food available:

Buffet prices (we had dinner & breakfast here)

Variety of buffet spread

Tuborg Pilsner Beer from Copenhagen, Denmark - on the house 🙂

It was a sumptuous but very salty meal. Guess that’s the way Scandinavians love their food done……

By the time we finished our buffet dinner, the sun had started to set (about 10pm) and there was nothing much we could do in the cruise for free. We even had to pay for our tickets if we wanted to watch movies in its theatre! So different from Star Cruise… -.-“

The next morning after a round of buffet breakfast, we reached Oslo port at about 9.30am:

Welcome to Oslo!

Nothing spectacular about its port but we felt excited as we stepped into the Nordic region that is famous for its fjord-indented coastline and mountains, lakes and woods. Watch this space for Norway posts! 🙂


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