Storefjell Resort Hotel, Norway

Storefjell Resort Hotel is actually located in the mountains centrally located at Gol, between Hallingdal and Valdres, a ski resort 1001 m above sea level. We had to travel about 3.5 hours from Oslo City Centre to reach this hotel!

Fortunately the hotel is actually pretty good, gives you the cosy resort feel. We were lucky to get a room on the top floor (4th level) with a jacuzzi! Here are a few pics of the hotel for your viewing pleasure:

Welcome poster in Norwegian

Entrance of the hotel

Our room (feels like an attic)

It's actually 2 single beds put together 😉

Jacuzzi in our bathroom!

The restaurant where we had our dinner & breakfast also overlooks the mountains, wonderful! Check out our dinner buffet spread too…….

View from the hotel buffet restaurant

The cold dishes

The warm dishes

The other side of the warm dishes

Yummy desserts/ pastries!

A downside for tourists like us to stay at this hotel is, it’s so far in the mountains & we have nothing else to do after reaching the hotel…… Else I think it is quite a lovely hotel to stay in given that it’s high up & you will still stay cool (in fact chilly at night!) during summer. 🙂


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