Borgund Stave Church (Borgund, Lærdal)

On the way to the second largest Fjord in the world, we stopped over at Norway’s oldest church built sometime between AD 1180 to 1250,  for some photo-taking in the morning. This is the best preserved of Norway’s 28 extant stave churches.

You may ask, what is so special about a stave church? Well, it is actually a medieval wooden church with a post and beam construction related to timber framing, and the wall frames are filled with vertical planks. I wonder how can a wooden structure be so sturdy for many centuries? Figure it out yourself with the pictures below. 😉

Entrance to the Borgund Stave Church w/ cemetery surrounding it

Borgund Stave Church can only allow 8 people up the planks at any one time

Did you notice the roof carvings of dragons’ heads on the church? 🙂 I read online that the church was dedicated to St. Andrew’s and had gone through some restoration in the past. The area has now become an important landmark for Norway’s architecture and has a visitor centre nearby with cafe and shop selling souvenirs for its tourists.


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