After crossing the longest road tunnel in the world at Lærdal, we moved on to Aurland via the Aurlandsvegen mountain road (open only from 1 June to around 15 October), where its road gives one a fantastic view with snow along the road most of the summer. Thus the road is also known as the “Snowroad”. Aurland municipality has about 1,700 inhabitants and covers an area of approximately 1.467,9 km2.

We stopped over at a local restaurant called Aurlandskafen for lunch. The restaurant is a small outfit that can only seat about 30 people at any 1 time, and so we had to hang around in the vicinity while waiting for the group before us to finish before we could go in. Here are some pictures we took of the lovely town:

About 30 mins later, we entered the little restaurant and to our surprise, it was real Norwegian food! The lady owner is the restaurant chef and she only has 1 waiter helping her, so it’s a very cosy homely restaurant. 🙂

The cosy little restaurant

Simple yet delicious dishes!:)

We really loved what we ate, so much better than the same Chinese dishes that we had been eating, even though it was just a simple mini-buffet of beef, baked potatoes with gravy, cooked vegetables and ice cream as the dessert.

At least it was some authentic local food, in fact our Swedish driver also gave the thumbs up and had a hearty lunch haha. The bread went so well with the cream soup that I had 2 pieces of the bread! 1 of my tour mates even ate 4 pieces of bread… We seriously think Super Travels should bring us to more of such restaurants for our meals rather than those Chinese meals…


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