Tvindefossen waterfall

Tvindefossen is a waterfall that is 12km from Voss, Norway.  We stopped by for some photo-taking along the way to our hotel at Voss after disembarking the Sognefjord cruise. The many-stranded waterfall, famous for its beauty, is said to be 152 m high, is formed by a small stream, the Kroelvi, tumbling over a receding cliff.

The waterfall is especially beautiful with bright sun shining on it 🙂

The downstream of the waterfall

We were told that water from this waterfall is great for rejuvenation purposes, so some of my tour mates even brought down their containers to fill in some of the water haha. I don’t dare to do it for fear of contamination plus the water was so icy (though bright sun). Wonder how true…… :p

There is also a camping site next to this waterfall. Wow, imagine every morning u wake up seeing such a beautiful natural sight, but u will have to bear the chill though hehe.


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