Voss is centrally located in Southwestern Norway and has a population of about 14,000 inhabitants.  Tourism is a main economic activity in this municipality, together with agriculture and forestry, as well as commerce and various service industries.  It isn’t hard to see why tourism is the main economic activity since Voss is in close proximity to Bergen, Sognefjord etc, where the famous beautiful landscapes of Norway are.  I had written about Tvindefossen waterfall in my previous post, which is located in the Voss region too. 😉

We stayed 1 night at Park Hotel Vossevangen situated in its administrative centre Vossevangen (about 5,000 people living in the village).

Park Hotel Vossevangen entrance (it doesn't look like a hotel to me!)

Our hotel room # 243 (very dated, "village" looking ya?)

View from the room balcony (facing a lake)

The hotel reception looks pretty ok as it is spacious, with a souvenir shop, wide walkway and computers for guests’ use.  However when we arrived at our rooms the interiors look pretty dated though it gave me a very “European homely” feel.  I liked that our room overlooks a lake though, hence it’s quite cool, just that a bit noisy when people chit-chat while walking to the lake (we were on level 2).

Buffet dinner - delicious desserts!

Buffet dinner - the cold dishes (more smoked salmon again!)

The restaurant where we had our buffet dinner was furnished in a similar fashion like its rooms.  Its buffet spread was not as sumptuous as the previous 2 we had (1 on the cruise and 1 at Storefjell), & sorry to say, we had grown somewhat sick of similar types of buffet food we see every night haha.  It would always be smoked salmon and seafood, various types of salad & dressings, and the meat they served usually ended up quite tough.  However there was 1 thing I liked from the spread, which was its selection of desserts as seen in picture above, especially the meringues.  Yummy:)

After filling our stomachs, we decided to explore this village as it was still bright and sunny (that’s the advantage of visiting in summer!).  The village shops are mostly closed except for some convenience stores as it was past 8pm, thus there were hardly anyone on the streets except people like us haha.  Nonetheless here are some sights we spotted:

Voss Church, built in 1271-77

Voss church seems to be the “famous” icon in this village.  It was actually built with stones in the late 1200s and is open to tourists during summer.

Monument of Per Sivle (6 Apr 1857 – 6 Sep 1904) near the lake

Per Sivle was a Norwegian poet, novelist and newspaper editor, and he shot himself in Oslo in 1904 due to various personal problems.  Apparently there are a few of his monuments all over Norway to commemorate him, in Flåm, Stalheim, two in Vossevangen, one in Strømsgodset and one in Elverum.

Sea Kayaking is a popular tourist option in Voss ^^

For nearly 200 years Voss has been welcoming visitors in search for adventures based on nature, local culture and traditions.  So it is no wonder that there are even signboards on tours for Sea Kayaking the Norwegian Fjords.  I believe it should be quite an unique experience to be kayaking in the picturesque fjords! 🙂


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