After breakfast, we started heading back to Oslo from Geilo (stayed in the same Storefjell Resort Hotel that was up in the mountains) via Lillehammer.   Lillehammer hosted The Olympic Winter Games in 1994, and is known for old farms, a modern town centre and surrounding alpine skiing resorts.

Since this is a beautiful Olympic Town, we visited the town’s monumental landmark – Lysgårdsbakkene Ski Jumping Arena.  It was a pity that the day was misty and we couldn’t really take many clear pictures and may even enjoy a spectacular panorama view of Lillehammer, Lake Mjøsa and the hill’s amphitheatre according to its tourism website.  Luckily the mist cleared a bit while we waited there patiently. 🙂

The Ski Jump area

Did you notice a chair lift at the bottom of the slope, on the bottom left of the picture above?  Visitors can actually take the chairlift down from the top of the Ski Jump area and get a taste of how the ski jumpers feel when they skiied down the hill.  I think it would be fun. 🙂


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