Oslo City Centre

Oslo, being the capital of Norway, is the most populous city in the country.  It is a global city and for several years, has been listed as one of the most expensive cities in the world along with Zurich, Geneva, Copenhagen and Tokyo.  In the latest 2011 survey conducted by ECA International, Oslo is ranked second most expensive city after Tokyo.  We were glad that we finally had some free time to roam around its city centre for our last afternoon in Norway.

Here are some snapshots of the city centre sights as we roamed around…

Trolls seen everywhere in Norway. It's a Norwegian myth/ legend

Oslo bus & the bus stop

Race Against Malaria, right outside Hard Rock Cafe

Oslo police on patrol with the help of horses? 😛

Everything in Oslo is very expensive.  Did you see the Hard Rock Cafe in 1 of the pictures above?  I thought I’d buy back a HRC tee as a momento, but was stunned at its price and couldn’t bring myself to buy it.  A simple ladies pink tee costs NOK 295 (about S$70)! :O  A 1 litre bottle of mineral water costs at least NOK 26 (about S$6), fridge magnet souvenirs cost minimum NOK 39 per piece (about $9) and the list goes on……

Anyway it was nice to have stepped my foot in this city to see for myself how developed and rich/ expensive it is.  I also found that they are very relaxed and not as fast-paced or efficient as people like us, for example, the cashier will take her own sweet time to do her job although there is a queue forming in front of her.  Haha Singaporeans must learn to be slow and steady like them! 😉


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