Scandic Oslo Airport Hotel

Some people say the last is always the best, maybe that’s why I find the hotel we stayed at for our last night in Norway so good!  Haha…… no prize for the right answer for the name of this hotel though, cos it’s a no brainer!  Scandic Oslo Airport is the lovely hotel to be mentioned here, as seen in my post title 😛

This hotel is very close to the Oslo Airport, only 3km and a 5 minute ride away by the free shuttle bus.  It is also pretty new, in fact just opened on 5 April 2010, a 1-year-2-month old hotel!  Oooo I love new modern hotels hehe.  Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure on what a good hotel (in my view) should look like:

Hotel exterior (ok nothing fanciful abt this I noe hehe)

Ooops… don’t be mistaken by the plain exterior of this hotel! To be frank I was a bit disappointed when our coach stopped here & thought it’s just another of those hotels we have been to so far, but be patient, enter the hotel first before passing your judgement! 😉

Cool door key – guests jus need to tap your card key on the door sensor!

Different images of our hotel room

Out of the 3 hotels and 1 cruise that we stayed overnight so far, this is the only hotel that boasts such a modern/ sleek room furniture & fittings with big LCD TV!  We were pretty excited when we spotted the LCD TV upon opening the door to our room lol.  Oh and 1 of the channels were showing some soccer match between Sweden and another Scandinavian country (forgot which 1) hee.

If I really had to pick on this hotel, I guess it would be there is no magnificent view out there, but I really don’t mind haha.  If only we could stay 1 more night here…… 😛  The breakfast restaurant was equally swanky too, see for yourself. 😉

Brightly lit open-concept restaurant on the ground floor for our buffet breakfast

As usual, the cold cuts section 😉

The hot food section - sausages, meatballs, bacon, scrambled egg etc

Here's my pick for breakfast 🙂

After several days of “training” at Scandinavian buffets, be it breakfast or dinner, we’ve learnt not to be “greedy”, just take what suits you & enjoy/ savour the food haha.  I like it here that they have various types of healthy bread, and even the beverages served are organic fairtrade!  Cool! 🙂

If you like what you saw/read so far & would like to stay in this hotel in Oslo, check out their official website for more details:  (PS: no, I don’t earn any commission for pointing you to their official website hehe)


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