Scandic Södertälje hotel

There was no real sightseeing on our first day in Sweden as most of the time were spent on the coach except for toilet breaks and lunch & dinner.  After hours of travelling on the road taking blurry “far-away” pictures, we finally reached Scandic Södertälje hotel for a night’s rest.

Originally, we were supposed to stay at Scandic Skogshöjd but it was unfortunately overbooked and could not house us.  Probably because the original hotel was just newly renovated in February 2010, hence more guests opted for the hotel? 😛

We were pleasantly surprised that the Scandic hotel management  “apologised” to us by providing free flow of beverages and sweets at the lobby reception to welcome us.  Sadly the reception was very small and we felt like sardines squeezed in there waiting to check in for our room keys.  The hotel decor is pretty dated and even the elevators were the old type where you had to pull open the door before you can go in!

The room was also very small and the furniture and fittings looked quite old……

Our room on level 5, next to the elevator (lucky us, no need walk so far in ha)

We got another surprise when we saw little gifts as apology from the Scandic hotel management:

Do u spot 2 packs of yellow jersey gifts on the bed? 😉

OK at least they know that they need to make up for putting us in an older & probably less comfortable hotel (at least from comparing pictures of the 2 hotels on its official website) lol…  The gift packs were filled with Sweden candies and chocolates, & a bottle of soda that the teddy bear was “holding” came from the lobby reception where we could help ourselves to lots of free drinks.  What a nice gesture.:)

The hotel is located 18 miles outside Stockholm, about 2.7km away.  Like the hotel we stayed in at Copenhagen, or rather worse than that hotel, there’s nothing nearby.  So basically all we could do was to stay in the hotel room & watch the miserable few tv channel programs available and make ourselves sleep haha.

View from our room window (spot DHL trucks on the right hand side of the pic!)

After a not-too-good night’s rest (no air-con and it was pretty warm), we had breakfast at its restaurant on the ground floor which has a decent homely decor:

Breakfast buffet restaurant

And finally, here’s how the hotel looks from the outside (it’s better outside than the interiors, isn’t it? hee)


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