City Hall, Stockholm

Stockholm City Hall with its spire featuring the golden Three Crowns, is one of the most famous silhouettes in Stockholm.  It houses offices, conference rooms as well as ceremonial halls.  In addition, it is the venue of the Nobel Prize banquet and one of Stockholm’s major tourist attractions but tourists can only visit the City Hall through guided tours only.

Entering City Hall Stockholm!

Alfred Nobel - the chemist who established the Nobel prizes in 1895

As we entered the City Hall, we were greeted by the carving above of Alfred Nobel, a Swedish chemist who was also the inventor of dynamite, established the Nobel prizes in 1895.  With the exception of the Nobel Peace Prize, the Nobel Prizes and the Prize in Economics are presented in Stockholm, Sweden, at the annual Prize Award Ceremony on the 10th of December, the anniversary of Nobel’s death.

History & layout of City Hall

"Antique" piano in the ballroom where Nobel Prizes are awarded

View from level 2: where the Nobel prize audience/receipients sit

The man who was part of this building project (if I remember correctly hee)

The Golden Hall

Fine dining cutlery used at the Nobel Banquet

The famed Blue Hall is exquisitely designed, though one can’t find a single bit of blue in the famed hall.  It was built from eight million bricks and just walking along the passageway and stairs makes one feel like a royal haha.  Especially glamourous is the Gyllene salen, Golden Hall where Nobel Prize recipients, royalty and guests dance in, with its 18 million gold mosaic tiles.

There is also a City Hall shop that features specially designed souvenirs and presents that commemorate City Hall and Stockholm. We found this Dala Horse that is unique to Sweden, nice! 🙂

Dala Horse - authentic Swedish handicraft


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