Overnight Cruise Viking Line

Before we knew it, our holiday in Stockholm – the “Venice of Scandinavia” ended and we had to board the Viking Line on 9 June 2011 late afternoon for an overnight cruise to Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

Port of Stockholm - *waves byebye!

Entrance to our room (left) and toilet on the right

We thought it looks nicer than DFDS Seaways (from Copenhagen to Oslo).  At least they bothered to give us a fake window with fake sea view in the room haha.  The interiors also make the room somewhat more glam. 😛

As we leave the port of Stockholm, we see plenty of seagulls......

After some touring around on the cruise ship, finally it’s time for dinner!  I thought the food here was better and less salty compared to what we had been eating the past 8 days. Take a look 😉

Finally some good food at the Viking Buffet Restaurant!

As usual, the Scandinavians like to provide the kids’ buffet section, salads, cold cuts, warm dishes and desserts for your pick.  I tried the different types of fish, beef and chicken meat, greens, as well as potatoes cooked in various forms hehe.  Think Scandinavians really know how to make full use of potatoes!  There were so many different versions!  Finally the Swedish/ Finnish know how to cook their meat such that it is less tough and salty haha.

The Casino here is open for business, tho' we didn't go in

After dinner, we went for some tax-free shopping.  To our dismay, it’s actually cheaper to shop on Viking Line then DFDS Seaways. 😦  But of course our bimbotic tour leader didn’t bother to share this information with us. -.-”  So don’t forget if you board this cruise next time!  We also found the Fun Club Casino open for business on this cruise, unlike DFDS Seaways where it was closed for renovations.

We also went up to the top deck in the hope to catch a glimpse of sunset, but well, it’s Summer, so “the night is still young” after dinner/ shopping hehe…

Already 10.48pm and sun hadn't set! :O

Sadly we were unable to catch the sunset as we decided to escape from the strong winds and seek some warmth indoors, thinking that it would not be so fast before the sun set.:(  Nonetheless, we still managed to catch a rare sight of the half moon at 11.51pm, when the sun nearer to port of Stockholm was still shining bright while it went dark on our side. 😉

That's half a moon up in the sky when the sun had barely set?


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