Sibelius Park, Helsinki

Sibelius Park, located in the district of Töölö in Helsinki, houses one of Helsinki’s top attractions – the Sibelius monument.  Jean Sibelius is one of Finland’s famous composers, who died in 1957 at the age of 91 years old.  A competition was held after decision was made to commemorate the composer with a monument.

Eventually when the winner, Eila Hiltunen was chosen out of 50 sculptors, it sparked public debate because of her extraordinary design.  She took 4 years to construct the monument, which is a collection of about 600 stainless steel tubes wielded together to resemble organ pipes.

Sibelius Monument Tubes

Close up of the elaborated tubes from the bottom looking up

Eila depicted Sibelius' face in his creative age

Full-size elements of the Monument, which were originally material and technique studies, stand outside the UN Palace in New York and in Montreal.  A 1:5 scale replica is also found at the UNESCO Palace in Paris.  It was said that the hollow tubes of varying lengths can produce pleasant music when the wind blows, in a way reminding visitors of this national composer. 🙂

A mini symphony band of 3 from the Sibelius Academy was performing in the park when we were there.  Coupled with the sunny yet windy weather, guess it is a great park for one to relax.  No wonder we spotted several locals sun-tanning on the grass too! 😉

The Sibelius Academy folks


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