Pulau Tikus

On our way to G Hotel from airport upon arrival on a Sunday morning, we were recommended by our driver to go to Pulau Tikus for a meal, which he mentioned was somewhere near the hotel and “packed with lots of hawker food at the markets”.  Hence after we checked in & rested for a while, we approached the friendly reception staff for help on how to get there.

Extracted from Google Maps

Can you spot Plaza Gurney/ Gurney Hotel from the top centre of the map above?  That was where we started, and Lorong Tikus is that stretch of road where the balloon A is.  It’s about 5-10 minutes walk from the hotel (walk through the back-door to pass through Plaza Gurney then you will see the main road Jalan Kelawei which you need to cross in order to walk through the little streets to get to Lorong Leandro’s off Jalan Burma).  As we were already quite hungry, we decided to settle our meal at Hup Kee coffeeshop since we couldn’t really see many coffeeshops/ markets that were open.

Can't wait to have some Penang hawker food!

We decided to order Lam Mee and Fried Kway Teow to share as there were only a few stalls in the coffeeshop.

Lam Mee RM2.50!

Fried Kway Teow RM3

The Lam Mee was quite different from the type I tried/ saw before at Gurney Food Centre previously.  The one served here was bee hoon noodle with fish balls and some prawns.  Pretty bland for both of us.  But it was really cheap to us hehe.  As for the Fried Kway Teow, the portion was very small & it didn’t taste really “wow”, but ok, still tasted better than the Lam Mee I guess. 😛  My friend also ordered the White Coffee at RM2 which was relatively expensive compared to our main dishes!  Luckily it was aromatic. 🙂

NB: While I was researching on Pulau Tikus before writing this post, I found that the curry mee in this coffeeshop is recommended vs other food.  Arrghh what a waste. 😦

After the meal, while walking back to the hotel, we found this bubble tea joint along the way back called Chatime.  The Lychee Yakult pearl drink was very refreshing, with a tinge of sour yet sweet taste.  However I think it wasn’t too cheap based on Malaysia standard, at RM5.90 a cup (abt S$2.45 which is cheaper than what we pay in Singapore :P).

Can you spot Chatime hidden in this row of shops? ^^

My refreshing Lychee Yakult with pearls

We also passed by this very old but well-maintained Catholic church which I thought would make a nice picture, especially under the clear blue skies… =)

Pulau Tikus area is less crowded than places like Georgetown that I almost forgot I was already in Penang!  So much for believing the airport transfer driver that it would be packed with lots of hawker food & markets haha.



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