Golden Screen Cinema, Gurney Plaza

I have never watched a movie in Singapore Golden Village Cinema Gold Class as I always deem it as a waste of money – a whopping $38 per ticket on weekends!  So it didn’t occur to me that we could try the Premiere Class seats at Golden Screen Cinema @Gurney Plaza until the cashier promoted this category to us.

She mentioned that there would be plenty of legroom as there are fewer seats in the theatre.  Food would also be served directly to our seats & the seats come with an attached tray for us to place our snacks & drinks.  So it sounds like GV Gold Class?  Only now when I searched online that I found this class of seats equivalent to Business Class on airlines, while Gold Class (not available at Gurney Plaza cinema though) is like the First Class on airlines.  We decided to watch Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows & guess how much our tickets cost?

Our Premiere Class Tickets!

Yes it was only RM16 per ticket (about S$6.60) on a Sunday!  I couldn’t even get into the “normal” cinema with this price in Singapore lol.  Even the normal halls cost only RM11 per ticket (about S$4.60).:)

And yes, the seats were indeed spacious with plenty of legroom, and come with attached tray by the side of each seat.  The seats are in pairs so great for couples.  Other than that I would say it’s nothing special already hehe.  We didn’t have time to order any food or drinks as we stepped into the cinema just on time (hotel bed too comfortable). 😛

Nonetheless for this price I think it is fairly good, & the cinema visual & audio systems are comparable to our GV / Cathay standard too.  So I wouldn’t mind watching another movie here again next time. =)


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