Batu Ferringhi

Batu Ferringhi, the northern coast of Penang, is a very touristy spot in Malaysia.  We decided to go there on Sunday evening to experience the weekend night market as well as see for ourselves how the beach of Penang would be like.

We booked a cab from our hotel and was told it would cost us RM28 one-way for about 30-40 min ride.  In the cab, we asked the cabby for recommendations on good eating places at Batu Ferringhi, & immediately he told us “that place is for tourists la! If you want good food, Georgetown has everything cheap & good!”  But since we were already on our way there & it was near dinner time, we still decided to have our dinner there.  So he dropped us off at Long Beach Cafe, saying that though prices here are higher in general compared to Georgetown, but this is one of the cafes with better & reasonably-priced food along Batu Ferringhi beach.  It is situated near Golden Sands Resort and considered as the part of Batu Ferringhi that is closer to Georgetown.

Long Beach Cafe entrance

Penang food here we come! 🙂

Nasi Kandar RM8!

Prawn noodles

Wanton mee RM3.50

We went around hunting for what to order & decided on the above 3, with my friend ordering the prawn noodles and me the nasi kandar at the Indian stall near the entrance.

I was shocked when I was asked to pay RM8 for my nasi kandar which consisted of 3 dishes – chicken meat, spicy long beans and curry-flavoured egg.  I asked for some curry gravy & was given so many types of gravy on my rice (hence it looks quite “soaked” isn’t it? hehe). The curry gravy was quite fragrant & gosh the long beans really spicy!  But the chicken meat was too tough for our liking. Nothing special about the egg.  Consolation is, now we know what nasi kandar is (albeit at an expensive price) haha.

I didn’t really eat the prawn noodles though I took some of the noodles & soup & it was… sedap!  Spicy too but I like hee.  Can’t really remember the price as it was my friend who ordered, think around RM3-4.  We also like the wanton mee as the noodles were very q & very flavourful, but the wantons are very pathetically small. 😛

Anyway after a full meal, we started our walk down the street while the night market stalls were getting ready for business, & walked towards the direction of Hard Rock Hotel – the second last hotel along Batu Ferringhi.  Also ventured to the beach area to catch the sunset & enjoyed the sea breeze. 🙂  Many of the stalls sell fake branded goods, accessories & toys as well as pirated movie DVDs, but we only browsed through & didn’t buy anything at all.  It’s indeed a place filled with tourists especially the “ang mohs”……

Sunset at the beach

Hard Rock Hotel was nowhere in sight despite walking on the street for a long time.  We almost gave up when the street became quieter with no makeshift stalls, then finally we spotted the Hard Rock sign!

Hard Rock Hotel main entrance

Phew!  I looked at my watch and it was at least a good 30 minutes’ walk!  We were perspiring madly by then yet the hotel lobby wasn’t air-conditioned. Arrghh.:(  There was a live band performance at the hotel lobby with many guests relaxing there.  Luckily we could find temporary relief (air-con of course!) at the Hard Rock shop lol.  My friend also bought a Hard Rock shot glass at its shop to add to her Hard Rock collection, but I didn’t buy anything as none of the Hard Rock tees seem to fit nicely on me. 😛

We decided to take a bus back to Long Beach Cafe where it was easier to catch a cab back to G Hotel.  Fortunately the bus came shortly after we reached the bus stop just outside Hard Rock Hotel.  The bus was air-conditioned & pretty comfortable, costing us RM1.40 each for a 5-10 min ride.

Though the evening was tiring due to the hot & exhausting walk in search of Hard Rock Hotel, it was still a great way to see the relaxing side of Penang at night.:)


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