Nando’s @Gurney Plaza

Nando’s is a restaurant specialising in grilled chicken from South Africa & has an outlet located at Gurney Plaza Lot No. 170-G-72 & 170-01-68.  Each time we returned to our room at G Hotel from Gurney Plaza, we would pass by this restaurant & the aroma of its food was simply tantalising.  So we decided we shall have our brunch there before setting off for our heritage & food trail at Georgetown. 🙂

We were the first customers of the day!:P  Each of us ordered our own chicken meal: quarter chicken with 2 sides – I had Coleslaw & Old Style Chips while my friend had the Peri Corn & Peri Chips.

Peri sauces for tat extra flavour!

My chicken meal RM15.90++ w/ pot of Hot Earl Grey Tea RM6.90++

We were asked to choose “our heat” of the chicken when ordering & I dared not get too adventurous so only asked for “mild peri peri flavour”.  The lemon & herb taste was pretty strong & I didn’t feel that it was very spicy.  But as I ate the spice got into me, though fortunately the spice level was still manageable for me, in fact quite shiok hehe.

The chicken meat looked quite small isn’t it?  Luckily it turned out to be filling after finishing the whole plate, & we both had trouble finishing the side dishes, especially the fries (or chips as they prefer to call it).  My personal take on the chips is that the Peri Chips is more delicious if you like it somewhat spicy.  So we mixed our Old Style Chips & Peri Chips together hee.  I also ordered the Hot Earl Grey Tea, nothing wonderful, just a simple pot of hot tea to wake myself up haha.

It was a value for money meal I must say, considering that the price in Penang is actually about half of that in Singapore (about RM27 = S$11)!  Similar dollar figures but different currency value.  Great! 🙂


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