Pinang Peranakan Mansion

One of the recommended heritage sites in Penang is the Pinang Peranakan Mansion located at 29 Church Street of the George Town Heritage Zone.  We took a cab from the G Hotel to this tourist site, costed us RM15 1 way.

Location map of the Peranakan Mansion (A)

We were fortunate enough to arrive at the mansion just when a guided tour started, so we quickly paid RM10 each & followed behind the tour guide.

The Peranakans is a community unique to the this part of the world (South Asia) especially in Penang, Malacca & Singapore.  They are also called Straits Chinese or more commonly called Babas (for males) & Nyonyas (for females).  They adopted certain ways of the local Malays & the colonial British during the British colonial period while retaining their Chinese culture & traditions.  In addition they used to be a prominent community in this region due to their wealth.

Here are some pictures taken of the mansion for your viewing pleasure:

Dining chamber for hosting Caucasian guests

Dining chamber for family feasting

Central courtyard

According to the tour guide, there used to be a well in the central courtyard, where the stone table in the middle is now.  This is because in the old days, the mansion is open, i.e. without shelter in the centre of the house, so as to allow sunlight to come in & also for collection of rain water.  However the current owner of the mansion has decided to close the open roof with glass & replace the well with a stone table.

Opium smoking licence in the old days

Where the men in the house smoked their opium

The newly-wed's bed 洞房

The dressing table (looks like altar?:P)

The children's room

Not everyone can own this precious camera in those days!

The kitchen

Front view of the Peranakan Mansion

The guided tour lasted about an hour, & I must say the local tour guide was pretty good!  It was an informative yet entertaining 1 hour.  It was a worthwhile trip to visit this mansion & I enjoyed the tour!

Oh if you haven’t already know, The Little Nyonyas, a mega-production drama (重头剧) of Mediacorp (Singapore) had many of its scenes filmed in this mansion.  The other filming location was at the Malacca Baba-Nyonya Heritage Museum.


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