Northam Beach Cafe

I miss the Apom Telur from Northam Beach Cafe that was introduced to us by a Penang friend.  It was where we had our first meal in Penang for our last trip.  Hence the fond memories of the open-air food court concept by the sea prompted me to urge my friend to go there with me for dinner this time. 🙂

Main entrance of Northam Beach Cafe

Enjoy the sea breeze while you eat at this open-air section

We arrived at the beach cafe pretty early at about 6pm, thus it was pretty quiet & not as crowded as compared to my previous visit.  Some stalls were still not open yet as well.  In addition, my favourite Apom Telur stall was also not open! 😦  I didn’t know if it would be open later or it wouldn’t be opened at all that evening as it was a Monday. So we decided to order some other food first while hoping for the stall to be opened soon.:p

After walking round the food court, I finally decided to order this:

My fish fried bee hoon

As I was feeling guilty from eating all the char kway teow, chendol & oily stuff plus it was still early so I wasn’t very hungry yet, I thought this plate of fish fried bee hoon (RM5.00) looked less sinful haha. The fish was not very fresh, but the fried bee hoon was quite tasty & I loved the chilli paste as it was spicy enough!  One grouse about ordering from this Jawa Noodle stall was the aunty was so slow in preparing my food, such that my friend had almost finished her Hokkien Mee.  Luckily I wasn’t that hungry & I could still wait while still hoping for Apom Telur stall holder to come hehe.

While I was patiently waiting for my food to come, to our pleasant surprise, there is free wifi connection available at this beach cafe!  Such a high-tech cafe 😀

Finally, after I finished my plate of bee hoon, we saw the Apom Telur stall owners coming to set up their stall! Wohoo~ I guess you must be curious what Apom Telur is, such that I am so mesmerised by it haha (if you don’t already know):

The stall owners busily setting up their stall for business!

My favourite Apom Telur!

6 pieces are being sold for RM3.00.  It is not that cheap but I really like the soft & fluffy texture of the Apom Telur, in “layman’s terms”, it’s actually very thin slice of pancake.  Even my friend, who was eating it for the first time, liked the taste & said one could easily get addicted to this haha.  It reminded both of us of the big round pieces of colorful biscuit that we buy from the mama store to snack.  After I finished this snack, I was totally satisfied & we decided to head back to the hotel to rest.

Just to let you have a glimpse of what other types of food this beach cafe sells, it sells international food such as French, Italian & German cuisines as well as local Penang food.  The last time I visited, we ate quite a variety of food & I enjoyed most of them:

BBQ Stingray, Penang Rojak, Char Kway Teow & Oyster Omelette

The best food among the lot was the Fried Oyster Omelette (RM4.00), giving generously fat oysters in the plate.  The BBQ Stingray was also pretty fresh & spicy, while the Char Kway Teow (RM4.00) was yummy too.  I didn’t really fancy the Penang Rojak (RM3.50) then as there were hardly any tau pok or youtiao, and the paste was overwhelming for me.

One thing I kept reading online that is a favourite at this beach cafe is the muah chee but I haven’t tried it yet.  Maybe next time! 🙂

58, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah,
10050 Pulau Pinang

(It’s opposite Northam Tower/ The Northam All Suites hotel, right at the end of Gurney Drive – costs RM12.00 by taxi to get back to G Hotel area)
Tel: 04-229 0362
Opens daily from 6pm – 11pm. Closed on Tuesday.


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