Shopping in Penang

Seriously, Penang is a food paradise, not really a shopping paradise haha.  Nonetheless we still went to check out 2 shopping malls – Plaza Gurney and Prangin Mall.

Plaza Gurney is just located next to G Hotel so it was very convenient for us to visit.  It’s actually a Capitaland-owned mall & is very much like one of those shopping malls in Singapore.  In fact I heard this is the most upmarket mall in Penang along the expensive Gurney Drive, which I believe is true after comparing it to those in old Georgetown haha.

Plaza Gurney main entrance

There are a total of 7 floors in Plaza Gurney & there is a wide variety of stores, like Mango, Topshop, Crabtree & Evelyn, as well as many food outlets & restaurants, e.g. A&W, Nando’s & Rou Gu Cha King. Remember there is also a cool cineplex in this mall which I wrote about – Golden Screen Cinema? 😉  We didn’t buy anything here except stuffed food here into our stomachs & watched a movie lol.  Oh the only thing that I bought was a cute little handphone ear cap in the shape of a sunflower.:)

As for Prangin Mall, I must say it’s one of the newer & more modern malls in old Georgetown.  Imagine shopping at Far East Plaza or Bugis Village in Singapore?  Yes that is how Prangin Mall is like.

It is located across the road from Komtar, beside the bus terminal.  The mall houses many individual boutiques/ shops selling Hong Kong, Japan & Korea fashion. There are also 7 floors in Prangin Mall but by the time you have completed a few floors, I think you would feel tired & wanna get out, as most shops sell similar fashion.:P

The prices here aren’t that cheap unless you go into shops that do not sell really trendy stuff.  I managed to buy something here though, as the sling bag I brought to Penang was spoilt on the second day & I had to buy a new bag out of desperation!  Fortunately it was relatively cheap as it was a simple design, RM35.90 (about S$14.90) hehe.

Oh, of course there are local speciality products to buy back, usually visitors will buy the tau sar piah from Gnee Hiang, or nutmeg.  The last time we went to Gnee Hiang Macalister retail boutique where the tau sar piah is freshly made.

Gnee Hiang Macalister retail boutique

My must-buy local Penang product is always nutmeg, & I love the ones I bought from the Cheong Kim Chuan shop along the way up to Kek Lo Si during the last trip.  However since we didn’t go up to Kek Lo Si this time, I had a hard time finding the nutmeg I like to bring home!:(

Thankfully, the driver who was driving us to the airport for our departure flight overheard our conversation & he said he could drop us at Tean Ean Local Products shop for quick shopping which was on the way to the airport (in fact located next to Northam Beach Cafe, opposite Northam Tower).  The good thing was we could try out the nutmegs & they were very nice!  Yipee!

Tean Ean Nutmeg Tea & 2 different types of nutmeg packs

Tean Ean shop is highlighted in the map with a "here"


To conclude, it’s better to visit Penang with the expectation that it’s a food paradise!  Even the “shopping” I introduced above includes food hehe.



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