Odaiba’s Shopping Malls

There are many shopping malls in Odaiba – Aqua City, DiverCity Tokyo Plaza and Palette Town, just to name a few.  We only visited 2 of them: Aqua City & DiverCity Tokyo Plaza for the day as it was too rainy & windy for hopping malls.

Aquacity is a large scale shopping mall with: a Shopping Zone where there are about 80 stores based on the theme of “Tokyo Reso-to (Tokyo Resort Island)”; Gourmet Zone offering a wide variety of restaurants & cafes; as well as a 13 screen cinema complex. The 5th floor houses a Ramen Theme Park with 10 stalls where you can try different ramen from all over Japan.  Fuji TV Kid’s Cafe Mamatoko & the Aqua City Odaiba Shrine – a shrine for the god that grants 7 wishes are on the highest floor, level 6.  You can also enjoy great views of the Rainbow Bridge, Statue of Liberty & Tokyo skyline from its rooftop (as seen from pictures in my previous post).

The rooftop deck where you can capture nice views of Odaiba’s symbols

Gachapin, Mukku, and Laugh-kun greets us at the Fuji TV Kids Cafe

The Ramen Theme Park entrance

Featuring ramen from all over Japan

We had our lunch at the Ramen Theme Park (it’s actually a food court like the Ishi Mura in Singapore).  I ordered my Hakata (Fukuoka) Tonkotsu ramen from the store 博多豚骨らーめん二男坊 which is said to be popular with female customers.  Maybe I set too high an expectation, I thought it was nice, but was just similar standard to those served in Japanese restaurants in Singapore, such as Ippudo.  Does that mean Japanese ramen served in Singapore is already authentic these days? 😉

Hakata style ramen JPY 850 (approx. S$13.10)

After lunch we walked about in the mall & shopped at the Disney store, Fuji TV Kids’ Cafe, Daiso & some fashion shops.  We also went to the rooftop to capture day & night views of the Rainbow Bridge & other iconic sights as well as took a peek at the Odaiba Shrine which is a miniature version of the shrines in Tokyo mainland.

Next, we went to DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, with the theme “Theatrical City Space”, it houses many leading local & foreign fashion brands such as ABC Mart, H&M, Zara, Berschka, Burberry Blue Label and Uniqlo.  There is also the biggest food court in the neighbourhood – Tokyo Gourmet Stadium with 700 seats, as well as many other restaurants & cafes available.

The eye-catching DiverCity Tokyo Plaza mall

The Burberry Blue Label/ Burberry Black Label store is quite big here, compared to the one at Ginza (which I went to the next day).  There is also my favourite Krispy Kreme doughnuts in DiverCity & we had our tea there.  The original glazed doughnut is expensive, costed me JPY 160 for one (about S$2.50) and I found it sweeter than those sold in Seoul.:(  Fortunately they gave a coupon which we can redeem a free original glazed doughnut at any Krispy Kreme outlet for our next visit, so that makes the doughnut more affordable hehe.  My friend ordered a Latte here & it was very expensive – JPY 320 for a very small cup!

Our last stop in this mall was The Odaiba Souvenir Shop at the second floor.  It sells limited edition Odaiba food items as well as Tokyo souvenirs.  I bought 2 boxes of the Odaiba limited edition Giant Pocky pack here, which contains 7 different flavours of Giant Pocky sticks.  They taste great! 🙂

Odaiba edition Giant Pocky (7 yummy flavours!)

I think Odaiba is truly a shopping & entertainment hub for everyone.  If you intend to visit Odaiba, do plan a full day as there are so many things you can do here.  There is a hot spring theme park called Oedo Onsen Monogatari (大江户温泉物语 at the Telecom Centre area) opened daily from 11am to 9am except one evening per month for cleaning.  We didn’t have the time for that but I reckon it will be quite a fun experience using the indoor & open-air baths in this theme park.


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