Odaiba’s Iconic Sights

Odaiba (お台場) is a large artificial island in Tokyo, Japan originally constructed in 1853 by the Tokugawa shogunate as a series of 6 fortresses in order to protect Tokyo from attack by sea. Daiba in Japanese refers to the cannon batteries placed on the islands.

It is now a very popular shopping & entertainment destination, linked to the main Tokyo area by many bridges & tunnels, with the most famous bridge being the scenic Rainbow Bridge.  On the day we visited Odaiba, it was rainy & strong winds blew frequently, hence the pictures may appear misty/ blur.

The Rainbow Bridge in the day (from Aqua City rooftop)

The Rainbow Bridge at night (at the same spot)

The Rainbow Bridge was completed on 26 August 1993 and I read that its decorative lights (444 of them) changes according to the season! Wow… There is also a replica of the Statue of Liberty erected in 1998 to commemorate the “Year of France in Japan” which has become a symbol of Odaiba.

Statue of Liberty with Tokyo skyline in the background

It was a slight pity we did not take the Yurikamome elevated driverless train which crosses the bridge with a 270-degree loop for some great views of Tokyo bay.  What we did was we took the subway to Tokyo Teleport station from Shinjuku instead.  A pleasant surprise when we exited the underground Tokyo Teleport station was we saw an Odaiba sight – the Daikanransha (大観覧車), the slow-spinning Ferris wheel.

Daikanransha in the day

the brightly-lit Daikanransha at night

Fuji TV Headquarters is also an Odaiba landmark since 1996.  There is a studio tour that we missed, but I read online that it is of limited interest unless you speak Japanese &/or are familiar with Fuji’s TV programs.  So perhaps it wasn’t such a great loss afterall? Haha consoling myself as we also missed free nice views from the second-highest storey here.

The Fuji TV Building at night

Do you see the giant ball suspended in the building structure?  That is where an expensive Chinese restaurant is.  This is also the trademark of the building.

Besides the above 3 sights, of course there are many shopping malls and food options, which I will share in detail in my next post. ^^


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