Da Feng Hotel 大峰度假山庄

After the short stopover at Fenchihu, the driver dropped us at our hotel in Alishan National Park – Da Feng Hotel (大峰度假山庄).

The entrance to Da Feng Hotel

It is more like a motel, with just 5 levels of accommodation and basic facilities.  There is no elevator in this hotel, and unfortunately, we were given a room on the 5th floor as we requested for 2 single beds. -_-”  Luckily the hotel staff were kind enough to bring up our luggages hehe.

Our room #501

The tiny toilet, shower head is in between the toilet bowl & basin

I was already prepared for a smaller room compared to the Day+ Hotel for our first night at Chiayi, so the room size was no surprise to me.  But the bathroom was really very small and it reminded me of the private hostel I used to stay in Seoul during my exchange program days.  When using the toilet I had to sit by the side so that my knees won’t bang against the wall haha.

Although prepared for a very simple room just to stay for the night, I must say the room is quite dated and not too well-maintained, and we often had problems using the television remote control.  The bed was too soft for me to have a good night’s rest.  Furthermore, there were neither fanciful complimentary toiletries nor proper cups for us to make some drinks.  Only paper cups were available and if you need hot water, you have to go to the water dispenser near the stairway as there is no portable kettle in the room.

Oh well, I guess you pay for what you get.  This hotel falls in the mid-range category of our 2D1N tour package so I shouldn’t be expecting it to be the same standard as the Chiayi hotel.:P  The redeeming factor is the hotel staff are all friendly and helpful.  Guess hotels in the mountain area are mostly like that unless you pay a lot more. 😉


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