Yushan National Park 玉山国家公园

We were supposed to take the train to Zhushan Station (祝山车站) on day 3 dawn to watch the sunrise, but just before we went for dinner on day 2, we were stopped by a local tour guide who was soliciting business to watch sunrise at Yushan (玉山).  After hearing her out, we were convinced that it seemed more worthwhile to pay a little extra to go to Yushan instead, for the following reasons:

1. There are only 2 daily departures to Zhushan so it means the trains will be overcrowded & one will have to stand & jostle with the train crowd (who are typically the Mainland Chinese visitors).

2. The main peak of Yushan is the tallest in East Asia at 3,952m, much taller than Zhushan’s 2,489m, so there is a much higher chance of seeing sunrise successfully.

3. Taking the mini tour bus (seats maximum of 10) which picks us up from our hotel vs having to queue at Alishan Station is definitely more comfortable, plus it is not as crowded as Zhushan as there are entry restrictions to Yushan’s peak.

Thus we gladly topped up NTD300 more per pax & handed our Zhushan rail ticket to the friendly tour agent.  On day 3, we woke up at about 4am to prepare for the bus pickup at 4.50am at our hotel entrance to begin our 观日出行程!  Check out what we saw along the journey, travelling from Chiayi County (嘉义县) to Nantou County (南投县). 🙂

Beautiful sea of clouds! 片片云海,仿如仙境!

The famous 夫妻树 (literally translated as “husband & wife tree” lol)

If you look at the 夫妻树 carefully, don’t you think they look like they are holding hands? Apparently the husband tree is the one in front & the wife tree is the one behind.

Now waiting at the peak for the sunrise!

A different view of the sea of clouds from the lens provided by the tour (to shield your eyes from direct sunlight)

The sun finally rose at 6.07am! 好美的日出!

Couldn’t get enough of the sun!

After about 15 minutes, we were told that we needed to leave the lovely peak.  A short but truly memorable sunrise experience in the chilly weather. I read that the average annual temperature at Yushan is about 5 degree celsius, though I think the day we went, it should be about 10 degree celsius hee.

Along the way back to the hotel, we were greeted with more lovely nature sights.

Wild monkey with its baby


Lulin Shenmu (鹿林神木)

Along the way there was a stall where the aboriginals (原住民) peddled local products like 云笋,山葵产品,蜜饯 at NTD100 per pack.  We all bought back some local products like the typical tourists haha.  Overall, it was a great memorable morning for me!  Fortunately we went to Yushan instead of Zhushan as we heard later that the fog suddenly appeared & blocked the sunrise at the critical moment that morning!


2 thoughts on “Yushan National Park 玉山国家公园

  1. Hi, your taiwan trip is very detailed and informative. I would like to check with you on the Alishan hotel portion. I intend to stay there since I heard it is very convenient and near to the sunrise area.

    May I check how long did it take you to travel to Yushan with the minibus? Where did you take the tour guide? Appreciate your reply!


    • Hi Caroline,

      The minibus ride from Alishan hotel to Yushan was about 30-40 min with a quick stop for some photo-taking along the way, as the bus was not speeding (probably 50km/h or less only).

      Like I mentioned in my post, we were approached by the local tour guide the evening before this tour in Alishan Tourist area, where the restaurants & shops are clustered together. The guide came to pick us up at the hotel. Basically they will pick tourists up at the hotel where they stay because hotels are mostly gathered in the same area in Alishan.

      Hope this info suffices.:)


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