J&I Home 逢甲美宿馆

Our 2D1N Alishan + Sun Moon Lake tour ended with the driver dropping us off at Taichung High Speed Rail Station (台中高铁站) that evening.  As there isn’t much “life” around the HSR station according to my research before the trip, we booked our overnight accommodation at J&I Home (逢甲美宿馆) which is near to Taichung’s Fengjia Night Market (逢甲夜市), a famous night market in Taiwan.

After reading online reviews of this accommodation, we decided it was easier to just take a cab from the station instead of taking the free shuttle bus to Fengjia University and then walk as the building is located in an alley, which we did not think would be easily visible.  We were right, even the taxi driver had difficulty finding the place, but fortunately he was helpful enough to initiate calling the staff on his own to get the exact directions, and one of the staff actually guided our cab to the building with his motorbike!  It took about 30 min from the station to J&I Home and we paid NTD330 (about S$14) for the ride.

The building looks like an apartment/ condominium rather than a hotel.  At the reception, we paid an aunty in cash who handled our booking and she promptly passed us our room key which has a security lock to enter the building premise.  We were told that to use the lift, we need to place the key on the security tab and tada… our room level button lit up after we did that.  Pardon me for my ignorance but I felt quite pleasantly surprised to see this high-tech security feature in such a “normal-looking” building.  You can see for yourself in the picture below :p

View of J&I Building in the day

On J&I Home’s website, its tagline is “J&I is a home, not a house”.  I think it is really true.  The rooms are small but they indeed feel one feel at home.

Our “Fashion Temptation” room (时尚诱惑客房) – a double bed & a sofa bed

We even had a computer in the room! (but couldn’t find the login details anywhere…)

A simple but clean & decent toilet

The young man who brought us to our room was a very efficient and helpful guy.  When we called him twice after noticing something amiss, he came to us very promptly and addressed the problems immediately. Even at booking stage, I was already impressed with their efficiency, as I received their email within half an hour from my online booking, providing us with details of the accommodation as well as directions and a map of its surroundings.  In fact, I also received a friendly sms reminder from them that morning, detailing the directions to the place. 😉

This was the only accommodation we booked which didn’t provide free breakfast, but for the price we paid (NTD2,130 for a night, about S$90.50), its proximity to Taiwan’s biggest night market Fengjia Night Market (which I will elaborate in the next post), and the great service, I think this is a very value for money choice of accommodation.  I am glad we picked J&I Home! 🙂


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